Riparian Management

A Rare Chatterbox Orchid Grows in a Healthy Riparian AreaOwn property on the Cypress Creek or the Blanco River? Then please consider learning the ins and outs of proper riparian management! A "riparian area" is the low area along the edge of a river, stream, or lake. This seemingly small area can have major impacts on the environmental health of your property and the adjacent body of water. Having the proper vegetation in your riparian area is essential to slowing floodwater, trapping and holding sediment, and cleaning runoff before it enters our streams and rivers. Doing your part to properly manage your riparian area can be very beneficial to on wildlife habitats and water quality for your downstream neighbors. The main techniques for encouraging a healthy riparian area is limiting mowing along the riverbank and taking measures to remove invasive species.


Please visit the Hill Country Alliance website, or read the online copy of Your Remarkable Riparian (PDF) for more information.