How deep is the water?

It depends on the area. The depth ranges from 1 to 18+ feet. 

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1. Where is Blue Hole Regional Park located?
2. What are the hours of operation?
3. Do you accept walk ups for swimming?
4. Do I need a reservation if I don’t want to swim?
5. Why is Blue Hole open when Jacob’s Well is closed?
6. Is the water safe to swim in?
7. What’s the inclement weather policy?
8. Is there an age limit?
9. Do Wimberley residents get any discounts or perks?
10. Is parking free?
11. How deep is the water?
12. Are there lifeguards on duty?
13. Do you provide lifejackets?
14. Can I bring a kayak or stand-up paddleboard?
15. Can I bring an inflatable float like a tube?
16. Can I bring a pop-up canopy or umbrella?
17. Can I bring chairs?
18. Can I bring my dog?
19. Can I bring a speaker for music?
20. Can I bring food and drinks?
21. Do you sell t-shirts and other merchandise?
22. Can I jump from the trees?
23. Are there any snakes in the water?
24. Is fishing allowed?
25. Are there restrooms or changing facilities?
26. Is there a storage facility where I can store my items while I swim?
27. Are there picnic tables?
28. What’s the weather like?
29. Can I smoke/vape?
30. Once I’ve checked in for my reservation can I leave the swim area and re-enter?
31. When can I begin buying day passes?
32. How much does it cost to buy a day pass?
33. If I buy a day pass, can I swim all day?
34. How do I make a reservation for a day pass?
35. I made my day pass reservation for the wrong day – can I edit it?
36. How do I cancel my day pass reservation?
37. Do I get a refund if I cancel my reservation?
38. If the swim area is closed by the City of Wimberley, do I get a refund for my day pass?
39. When can I begin buying season passes?
40. How much does a season pass cost?
41. How do I purchase a season pass?
42. Do I need to pick up my physical season pass card?
43. Do I need to show an ID when I pick up my season pass card?
44. Do I need to bring my ID every time I use my season pass?
45. Can I pick up my season pass card the first time I come to swim?
46. What do I do if I lose my season pass card?
47. Can I swim all day if I have a season pass?
48. Can I get a refund for my season pass?
49. If the swim area is closed by the City of Wimberley, do I get a refund for my season pass?
50. Is it okay if I let someone else use my season pass?
51. What if I'm using my season pass and weather conditions or other factors cut my reservation time short?
52. What is the Wimberley Nights program?
53. What are the hours for the Wimberley Nights program?
54. Do I have to make a reservation for Wimberley Nights?
55. How much does the Wimberley Nights program cost?
56. How do I prove I’m a Wimberley Resident for the Wimberley Nights program?
57. Can I bring people that are not Wimberley Residents to the Wimberley Nights program?
58. Is there a limit of how many people can swim at a time?
59. If I’m a Wimberley resident with a season pass, do I have to pay for the Wimberley Nights program?