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Amateur Antenna Application

  1. Ordinance Code 151.45(B). Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
    • Amateur Wireless Facility Special Permit: $25 per structure
    • Inspections: $65 each
  2. I certify, under penalty of perjury, that the proposed antenna facility described by this permit application will be erected in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations and that the proposed facility complies with all applicable deed restrictions (I.e., restrictive covenants), if any. I further certify that all of the information contained in this application is true and correct.

    I understand and agree that no antenna facility in any residential zoning district may have affixed or attached in any way except during time of repair or installation any lights, reflectors, flashers, or other illuminating device, except as required by the FAA, nor shall any tower have constructed thereon, or attached thereto, in any way, any platform, catwalk, crow’s nest, or like structure, except during periods of construction or repair.

    I understand and agree that the use of any portion of the antenna facility for signs other than identification, warning or equipment information signs is prohibited.

    I understand and agree that all abandoned or unused antenna facilities and associated facilities must be removed within twelve (12) months of the cessation of operations at the site unless a time extension is approved by the city. In the event that a tower is not removed within twelve (12) months of the cessation of operations at the site, I understand and agree that the tower and associated facilities may be removed by the city and the costs of removal assessed against the property.

    I understand and agree that the antenna facility is subject to inspection at least once each year by a designated official of the city to determine compliance with original construction standards, and that any deviation from original construction for which a permit is obtained constitutes a violation of the city’s antenna facilities ordinance.

    I understand that if any of the information provided is incomplete or incorrect the permit may not be issued or may be revoked by the building official. I hereby authorize access to the property for any issue related to this permit application.

  3. Sworn to and subscribed before me on this
  4. to certify which witness my hand and official seal.
  5. Permit
  6. Paid?
  7. Note:

    All approved permits are subject to annual inspection by the City.

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