Planning & Development

Welcome to the City of Wimberley Planning and Development. Here you will find information on zoning, short-term rentals, conditional use permits, floodplain development and subdividing. 

The City of Wimberley's Zoning Ordinances are based on the Comprehensive Plan for the City. The City of Wimberley Comprehensive Plan was amended February 4, 2016.

Zoning Districts

There are multiple zoning districts throughout the City ranging from residential, commercial, and mixed use. Finding out what district your property is in can be done by using the zoning maps below. The regulations for each district can be found in the "Zoning District Regulations (PDF)" on the sidebar or in the City of Wimberley Code of Ordinances on the websites front page.

Zoning Regulations

Permitted Use vs Conditional Use

There are two categories of uses outlined in the zoning district regulations. Permitted Uses are uses of the property that are allowed outright. Conditional Uses are uses  of the property that can be granted through a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). CUP applications involve public hearings with both the Planning & Zoning Commission and City Council. City Council will make the final determination on the CUP.

Development Regulations

Every zoning district has unique development regulations. These can involve building setbacks, maximum building height, maximum impervious cover,  and more. Any new development is required to be compliant with these regulations in addition to other City of Wimberley ordinances and state building codes.

Zoning Maps

Planning Area & Zoning Map (Link)

This map includes planning areas, zoning districts, city limits, extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) boundaries, addressing points and parcels.

CUPs & Overlays Map (Link)

This map includes properties with current Conditional Use Permits and the City Center and Entrance Corridor Overlay districts.

Access & Use Constraints

This base map is global, therefore when searching for an address you must include "Wimberley, TX" in the search engine.

Maps Note

These map data are not of survey quality and should be used only for general reference purposes. The City of Wimberley assumes no liability for misuse or misinterpretation of any data represented in any format. No warranty is implied or expressed regarding completeness or accuracy.