The City of Wimberley owns one public utility, the Central Wimberley Wastewater System. If you need other utility services, please contact the appropriate provider below:



All persons desiring retail sewer service from the city or desiring to transfer service from a service location to another service location shall file an application with the City of Wimberley. No connection to the City's sewer system shall be made before the person has met the application, fee, and extension requirements of this division.

  • Remit application and payments to:
    • Wastewater Utilities Department
    • 221 Stillwater
    • Wimberley, Texas 78676
    • 512-648-2404

Trash Pickup & Recycling

Curbside trash pick-up is not mandatory within the City, however, when applying for service, property owners are required to use Texas Disposal Systems or at 512-421-1303 for residential and commercial service.

Road Maintenance

The City of Wimberley is responsible for the maintenance of all improved roads within the city limits. Roads continue to be the most expensive and difficult challenge for the city. For issues or concerns with road safety/maintenance within the city limits, please visit the Public Works page you may also contact Public Works Department at 512-648-2405.

  • For road-related matters within Hays County, but outside of City of Wimberley boundaries, visit Hays County Transportation Division of the Resource Protection, Transportation and Planning Department
  • For road-related matters and/or street lights contact the Texas Department of Transportation at 800-558-9368

Water/Wastewater Services

For properties without private wells and/or septic systems. If you have questions or to apply for service, please contact either:

Franchise fees collections remitted to the City are one source of revenue for the City's operating budget.